JNVST Class 6th Result 2019

JNVST Class 6th Result 2019

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya class 6th result of JNVST-2019 has been declared on Navodaya Vidyalaya Website. The result has been announced on web link below.


Now the big question is, how to login to the website? The website is going to ask login id and password. So the registration no will be the user name and password will be the date of birth of student appeared in the exam, suppose the students date of birth is 20th May 2009 then the password will be 20052009(DDMMYYYY) format without any / or – sign. Remember the date of birth in running will be the password to login to website. If some body is unable to login and get information from withe website. They can contact the Navodaya Vidyalaya of their district. Definitely school administration will help to get the result of the student. So go and get the result by clicking on above link. Best of luck for your result.

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Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4 Differences

Twitter bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4 both are very useful library for html based web page design. If some one is not so good in CSS and not much interested to work in webpage design. For them bootstrap is the best choice I developed many HTML and PHP base websites using twitter bootstrap 3. And very much happy with the look and feel of my websites. Second thing and which is very very important is Bootstrap is designed with the principal of “MOBILE FIRS”. So you no need to worry about how your website will look on tablets and mobile phones. It will automatically adjust your website based on screen size. This is really amazing.

Now lets start comparing bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4 –

  1. Panel is dropped and Card is introduced in place. This is really helpful if you want to create look of grid in your website.
  2. Thumbnails are removed and introduced the same in image class.
  3. Glyphicons icon fonts are removed. So you can not use special icons like home, star, arrow, book, group, power button and many more. So what is the solution of this? You can use Font Awesome and similar kind of font. I love to use Font Awesome.
  4. Images class is changed as .image-responsive to .img-fluid, .img-rounded to .rounded and many more.
  5. Button default is renamed as .btn-secondary.
  6. Model component is re-written using fluid

Many more like these changes are introduced in Bootstrap 4. Once you will start exploring Bootstrap you will learn and will start loving it.

You can see my posts are using bootstrap and are very responsive. I can’t leave bootstrap until I get something more powerful tool like this.

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Writing data to file in Python

Writing data to file in Python

Writing data to the file is another important topic need to be discussed for Data file handling in Python. We can write data to file by using write() or writelines() function. write() function takes string as argument where writelines() takes list of lines as argument. But before all these thing we need to open the file object by using open() function with w or a as file mode. For example –

fout = open(‘address.txt’, ‘w’) here file mode used is w in place of that we can use a as file mode. The difference between w and a is when you will open a file with write mode it will create a new file called address.txt or else if file exist will delete all existing data from the file and start writing from the first line. Where as when you open a file using append mode will create a new file if not exist else will start writing to the file at the last position in a file. Now lets see the example of writing data into file –

Code to write date to file

The output of the program will look like this –

The first output section is taking input from user till your says n. And next output is displaying all the content appended at the list of the file.

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CBSE Result of class 10th-2019

CBSE class 10th result 2019

CBSE class 10th result is likely to published on 6th May 2019. CBSE has announced that the result will get published with surprise factor. The surprise is that CBSE would not fix date and announce in advance but the will announce and will publish the result then and there. Our sources says that the result will get published on 6th May 2019. Yes the date is 6th May 2019. So get ready to get surprised. Here is the link to get the result as fast as possible.

Link to get result after publishing the result on 6th of May 2019.

Click here to get CBSE Results of class 10th – 2019

But hey wait. You need to be get ready with following data ready with you from your Admit card without that you will not able to see your result. Those information are –

  • Roll Number
  • School No.
  • Centre No.
  • Admit Card ID.