Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4 Differences

Twitter bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4 both are very useful library for html based web page design. If some one is not so good in CSS and not much interested to work in webpage design. For them bootstrap is the best choice I developed many HTML and PHP base websites using twitter bootstrap 3. And very much happy with the look and feel of my websites. Second thing and which is very very important is Bootstrap is designed with the principal of “MOBILE FIRS”. So you no need to worry about how your website will look on tablets and mobile phones. It will automatically adjust your website based on screen size. This is really amazing.

Now lets start comparing bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4 –

  1. Panel is dropped and Card is introduced in place. This is really helpful if you want to create look of grid in your website.
  2. Thumbnails are removed and introduced the same in image class.
  3. Glyphicons icon fonts are removed. So you can not use special icons like home, star, arrow, book, group, power button and many more. So what is the solution of this? You can use Font Awesome and similar kind of font. I love to use Font Awesome.
  4. Images class is changed as .image-responsive to .img-fluid, .img-rounded to .rounded and many more.
  5. Button default is renamed as .btn-secondary.
  6. Model component is re-written using fluid

Many more like these changes are introduced in Bootstrap 4. Once you will start exploring Bootstrap you will learn and will start loving it.

You can see my posts are using bootstrap and are very responsive. I can’t leave bootstrap until I get something more powerful tool like this.

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